Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Third Childhood

My favorite toy was as a young boy was Major Matt Mason. After I became addicted to ebay and seeing all of the toys of my childhood for sell, I decided to collect a few toys to feed my third childhood.

My first childhood I played with Major Matt Mason toys on the plains of imaginary moonscapes.

My second childhood was the joy of being a father to two sons.

My third childhood began with the birth of my two grandchildren, seven weeks apart.

When my first childhood was coming to an end I read in a magazine about an atomic powered spaceship that was designed by a company called General Atomic for NASA in 1963-64.
I wrote to NASA asking them to send me information on the spaceship fueled by atomic bombs.
I didn't know the Orion Project had been cancelled by the time I wrote NASA. I was sent some general information about the Apollo Program.

After seeing what the prices were for Major Matt Mason toys on ebay I knew with my limited budget that my collection wouldn't be very impressive. I decided to have a single theme for my Major Matt Mason collection. After looking at different modified Major Matt Mason toys, I set my theme on building a Project Orion space ship to scale of the MMM figures.

After losing several bids to buy MMM vintage toys I decided to use other action figures as the eight person crew. At the time of the writing of this post I had lost a bid for a Moon Base.
The core of my spaceship was going to be based on that toy moon base. Now I'm going to scratch build most of the ship.

The above photo is of a MMM orange girder from the moon base and the first member of the crew, Selphie Tilmitt age; 17, Hieght; 5'2", Birthday July 16. This Final Fantasy VIII figure will get a new paint job and have her arms put to her side.

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