Monday, December 26, 2011

Toys I bought on eBay for the Moonbase Project

MMM figure; seller ddevne2011
Marx Astronaut and Army Men; seller grammynea
Star Trek Archer NIB Figure; seller cutesoftfemme
Planet of the Apes Leo Figure on card; seller teegner
Planet of the Apes Leo Figure; seller mojotoystore
Lost Figure; seller sunnydalecollectible
Star Trek Loose Archer Figure; seller exceptionaltoys
Star Trek T'POL Figure; seller commander-enterprise
Halo Figure; seller mrnerfan
MMM body with Jeff Long's head plus a Marx Knight & German Fighter; seller fish1230_9
MMM Firebolt Cannon; seller impalajody
MMM Space Crawler Junkyard Lot; seller cameron22000
Mars Lander; seller scophile

eBay photos by the sellers.

Last Crater Crawler

The above photo is of the last Crater Crawler toy I bought on eBay. I won't be buying anything on eBay all next year because I need to pay off my Paypal debt. I plan to sell off most of my toy collection to pay for movie projects and to make room for my Moon Base Model and the large Atomic Toy Spaceship model for which this blog is named.

Photo from eBay; maxi115cycle seller

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nylint Twister & Tonka EVA Scramble Bug

Photos; EVA from Moonbase Central via eBay & top photos Northeast Craig's List & Nylint List.

The Last Major Matt Mason Toy

I bought the last MMM toy for my moon base project today on Christmas Day 2011.

A tread only part of a Uni-tread toy. As soon as I receive this toy in January 2012 I will begin building the Quad-tread Helium 3 Strip Miner.

Photo eBay; Seller michaelolivia2000

Operation Astronaut

John Eaton told me about this toy line by email after I asked him permission to use some of his photos.

The top three pics are by space publisher Darth. I found these pictures on the website Moonbase Central in a article by Woodsy in a Nov Friday the 13, 2009 post.

The bottom two photos I got off eBay and were used in a previous post on this blog (Johnny Apollo ). Photos by the eBay seller instalink. The Space Sled sold for $ 78.77.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Real Space Crawler

Two photos from NASA I plan to use to to build a model for a video graphic novel.

Johnny, Mark and Jane figures

Photos pulled from off the web. Most of these photos if not all, I pulled from the blog;
Nuances of a Vintage Toy Collector eBay Junkie and Mid-Century Modern fan, created by
John Eaton. The above photos are his or pulled from eBay photos by him.

On December 24, 2011 John Eaton gave me permission to use his photos.

Johnny Apollo

The top three photos are by KB of the UK.
I found those photos on a Toy Message Board

The other photos are from ebay. Didn't know until today that the toy line had anything beyond the figures. I may build some moon buggies and space crawlers based on these old Marx designs.

I hope to have a list of most of the photos soon. I don't own any of these toys.

The bottom two photos are from eBay
Johnny Apollo Space Sled 1968
( John Eaton told me these were part of a 10 inch toy line.... )
( .....called Operation Astronaut )
item number 190616990364
seller instalink