Thursday, November 20, 2008

A New Playground

The above photo shows the scale of the Atomic Toy Spaceship as Major Matt Mason stands in front of a cardboard barrel that will become the engine of the over sized toy.

Every movie project is a new playground. I've already spent too much of my own money on this production or should I say the concept stage of a movie. I don't know if this concept will work but doing something different is what I'm all about.

A father and son dealing with grief by creating a strange oversize toy.

Atomic secrets.

The dream of going to Mars.

Bullying both in the adult world and the child's world.

I push forward with four books as a guide.

1. Mars on Earth by Robert Zubrin
2. Project Orion by George Dyson
3. The Millennial Project by Marshall T. Savage
4. Floating to Space by John Powell

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