Friday, June 28, 2013

The Last Bid

My ebay bidding days are coming to an end as I have enough toys collected to complete all five of my large model projects. 1981 Adventure People Interceptor Astronaut.

These photos are pulled off ebay and I am waiting for permission for the use of the photos. I might lose the bid and the rights to post this post.

Just got permission for the photos. Photo credit; Ward Cusic of Bethalto II.  I think the top photo is the best 3.75 figure photo I've seen on ebay.

Missed doing a final bid on this toy as I am busy with art jobs. So I didn't win my final bid on ebay.

Sears Space Mobile

At the time of this post this "Moon Buggy" is for sell on ebay under Major Matt Mason. I have asked permission for photo use and plan to bid on this item with a low or starting bid. I toy bash all my toys in my collection so the missing battery cover doesn't bother me.

I got permission to post these photos but missed bidding on this item because I had too many art jobs.
Will give photo credits soon.

Star Trek Galaxy Collecttion

Working on a "Warp Ship" based on NASA concept paintings, I bought some Trek figures and bridge pieces on ebay and at Big Lots.

Marx Astronaut

This is an astronaut I won on ebay that will fit into my Matt Mason collection as it is a knock off.

Johnny Apollo Under Bids

Here are photos from two different "Johnny Apollo Space Buggy" that I didn't win on ebay. I have a "Space Buggy" so I didn't need one for my collection. The boxed Space Buggy is still active at the time of this post so I'm going to ask permission for photo use. I bid on that one but will not win it.

The photos of the Space Buggy are by crestwoodie.  Used with permission.

Fisher Price Astronauts

At the end of my space toy collecting I found these Fisher Price astronauts.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Johnny Apollo Space Crawler

This was (and is) my holy grail of space toys. I won a bid for it today on ebay.  In three days it will ship from Wien Austria.  After Major Matt Mason, Johnny Apollo is my favorite space toy line. Will do an unboxing video when it comes in the mail.  I have permission to use these photos.

Decided not to do an unboxing video as my computer was down when I got the toy. Got a helmet with the figure in the photo. Nice addition as not all my Johnny and Jane Apollos have helmets.