Friday, December 26, 2014

Two more Johnny Apollo Figures.

I bought these two for the helmet and part of a backpack. I also needed two more drivers.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Grandson and Johnny Apollo

My grandson Denver playing with Johnny Apollo toys.

Johnny Apollo Mexican Knock Off

Another part of my 2014 Christmas.  I like Johnny Apollo better than Major Matt Mason as my grand children can play with the Johnny Apollo without destroying the toys. Hope to have the Johnny Apollo Moon Base done soon.  The blue backpack and helmet will look good with my blond haired Jane Apollo in the blue space suit.

Two Jane Apollo Recast Figures

I didn't get the manual for Christmas but just used the photo to break up the two Jane figures. These two figures are recast from original molds by Classic Recasts.

French Space Crawler.

Part of my parent's Christmas present to me. Yes this 56 year old little boy got toys for Christmas.  This Space Crawler and Mark Apollo figure ( Johnny Apollo's European family ) comes to me from France.  I'll do an unboxing video when it comes across the pond.