Monday, July 6, 2009

Thanks Trent

The Atomic Toy Spaceship Project began with me wanting to capture my lost childhood by creating the toy of my childhood fantasies. As a child I wanted a giant Major Matt Mason moon base that I changed to the way I wanted the toys designed.

I started biding on eBay for Matt Mason toys only to lose bid after bid. Finally I began to win bids because an eBay seller (eBay ID trenstr) began to sell his Matt Mason moon base (Space Station) one piece at a time.

After a time buying from Trent we developed a buyer-seller friendship and I believe if it wasn't for this eBay seller I won't be writing the movie Atomic Toy Spaceship now.

Thanks Trent, I'm sending you the above photo of my moon base built in part from your childhood toy.

Thank goes to Sylvia Daniels for the photo shop work on this photo.