Sunday, June 2, 2013

Johnny Apollo Space Crawler

This was (and is) my holy grail of space toys. I won a bid for it today on ebay.  In three days it will ship from Wien Austria.  After Major Matt Mason, Johnny Apollo is my favorite space toy line. Will do an unboxing video when it comes in the mail.  I have permission to use these photos.

Decided not to do an unboxing video as my computer was down when I got the toy. Got a helmet with the figure in the photo. Nice addition as not all my Johnny and Jane Apollos have helmets.


alaneye said...

Wow wow wow! I remember this toy from when I was about 9 or 10. I loved the figure, it was very detailed and had veins in the backs of the hands. Seeing this actually brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.


Robert A Vollrath said...

Sorry I'm so late getting back to you. I am a caregiver to my 85 year old parents and my father broke his hip the last day of the year in 2013. I will be doing a new video on Johnny Apollo soon.