Friday, June 26, 2009

Moon Base Phase Two

Here are four photos of the Moon Base of my childhood dreams. I plan to change this toy prop for the movie Atomic Toy Spaceship that you can no longer tell that it began as a collection of Major Matt Mason toys.

I plan to have the lunar surface and a larger black velveteen backdrop when I take the next photos of this prop for the movie.

Working on the script I've been doing research on Lost Cosmonauts that will play a part in the son's imaginary world of toy astronauts.


Mario Marchese said...

great pics man. I love the filter on these photos

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Mario

Your blog is light years ahead of any of my blogs so I get a kick out of your comments.

I'm using a blue filter on all my photos of the moon-base.

The toy moon-base will appear in the movie only a few seconds and I now plan to build over the original toys so you can't tell what they were originally.